Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pizzeria Destroyed in New Orleans

Lost everything to Katrina.
My name is Todd Duvio I own Brooklyn Pizzeria in New Orleans. We were doing a great business, until Monday August 29th when Katrina blew through. My business was in almost 4 feet of water, everything gone. I need to see if anyone could help us rebuild.My place was decorated with all types of New York memorabilia I need all the help I can get, we put our life savings in this business. I could use any type of New York items, Brooklyn especially.. maps, photos, posters, t-shirts, hats etc. I'm not asking for cash, We need all that we can get... we were doing a great business prior to this tragedy. More Photos will come.

My Parents, My In-Laws and many other direct family members homes were totaly destroyed by 15 feet or more of water. Some will never be able to enter their homes again.

Click this link and you can then click on sections of this map to see the water levels in the city

Thank You,
Todd Duvio
Brooklyn Pizzeria
2701 Airline DR.
Metairie, la 70001

3240 Roosevelt Blvd.
Kenner,la 70065

10 Days after the Hurricane Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Brooklyn Posted by Picasa

Beer cooler Posted by Picasa

Kitchen Posted by Picasa

front hall Posted by Picasa

Self serve Posted by Picasa

Counter Posted by Picasa

Dining area Posted by Picasa

Dining room Posted by Picasa

Dining room / counter area Posted by Picasa

Front water / water level was almost 2 feet higher for 10 days before this Posted by Picasa

Front water Posted by Picasa

Side of Building Posted by Picasa

Cooler  Posted by Picasa

Cooler Posted by Picasa

back Posted by Picasa

Hall way Posted by Picasa

Self serve station Posted by Picasa

Dining room Posted by Picasa

Dining room  Posted by Picasa

Coolers in water Posted by Picasa

Floating Posted by Picasa

Kitchen Posted by Picasa

Oven in The water Posted by Picasa

Mixer in the water Posted by Picasa